“Welcome to Tirupati Fin-Lease Limited”

Tirupati Finlease Limited was originally incorporated in the name of Tirupati Trade Comm Pvt. Ltd. on November 2, 1993. It was converted into public limited company on March 31, 1995. On April 18, 1995 the name of the Company was changed to Tirupati Finlease Limited to commence fund based and non fund based services of the Company.

The Company has been promoted with the main objects of undertaking fund based undertaking fund based activities such as leasing, bill discounting, inter corporate deposit placement and non fund based activity such as subscription procurement in primary issues, project counseling, loan syndication. The Company has been classified as an investment company by the RBI.

We believe in conducting business ethically, legally and transparently.

We have put in place, robust systems, process and internal controls to ensure compliance to all the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we are present.